We generate profit improvements by focusing in six key areas:  strategy, financials, people, products, operations, and sales.

We would love to help you increase the bottom-line results AND employee morale of your organization.  We focus on results AND people at the same time.  That is what makes a different.   That is how we have helped others like you to generate over $500 million in bottom-line results and improve morale and culture.

We have lead turnarounds, and provided leadership and support to hundreds of profit improvement, operations streamlining, product development, and sales improvement projects that generated $100s of millions annually in results.

You are an expert in your business and industry. We are experts in improving results and passion.  We are confident that together we can significantly accelerate the success of your organization.

We help you to improve your profits by focusing in five key areas: financials, people, products operations, and sales.

five focus areas


    • Worked with company doing over $500 million in sales and $40 million in net income.  Disruptive products developed by indirect competitors, caused sales to drastically drop leaving the company with an annual net income loss of over $100 million.  Working with the CEO, chartered, launched, and provided leadership to 70 – 90 cost reduction, operations improvement, and new revenue product development project teams. The cost improvement teams eliminated unprofitable products, reduced material and inventory costs, sold non-core businesses, and outsourced non-core operations (e.g., technical support, customer services).   The operational improvement teams streamlined and improved material ordering, fabrication, warehousing, logistic, marketing and sales processes.  The new product development teams redesigned the product development process, identified new product ideas, conduct research, developed product business plans, and designed and developed new products.  Within two years the company was profitable and has remained so.
    • Proved leadership, methodologies, training and support for over five years to between 100-300 concurrent operations improvement project teams in a multi-billion dollar research and technology enterprise.  The operational improvements the teams put in place resulted in $100 million in annual savings.
    • Worked with top leaders of a large defense enterprise to assess and develop strategies to deal with massive technology, economic and geopolitical changes that were understand.  Led full-time executive teams to conduct research and create and implement new products/services, operations, organizational structures, work processes, technologies, and skills development programs.
    • Led turnarounds of product development, publishing, entertainment, education, research, operations, and customer service organizations – resulting in an average of 2-3 fold increase in throughput capacity.
    • Ran operations to research, write, and publish high-profile history books, website, and television series. First book was an overnight million dollar plus bestseller – and breaking sales records in the industry. Subsequent books were category top sellers and won top national awards. Television series became a local favorite that continues to be rebroadcast.
    • Managed 100+ project management, information technology, and management consultants. Achieved average of 99.4% outstanding client satisfaction score – on-time, within budget, met expectations. Generated 30-40% of all sales ($8.7 million) through networking.

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We will analyze with you your organization’s financials.  See examples of  where we focus. Undoubtedly, we will find ways increase sales, and reduce operating and overhead expenses. When possible, we will compare your revenue and cost categories with the top 25% performers in your industry. Together we will develop a game plan on how to best improve your short and longer-term margins and profits. I can then jump in and expedite the implementation of the game plan.


Over 99.99% of all organizations are missing huge opportunities to improve productivity, reduce waste, enhance skills, and strengthen management skills. Don’t be one of them. Over 60% of Lean, Sigma, TOC and other continuous improvement initiatives fail.

Albert Einstein said that, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again & expecting different results.” The answer is so simple – but so incredibly obscure. Albert

What if you could turn on a switch, and reduce mistakes, errors, and lack of conformance to critical processes in your organization by 80%? That is a typical outcome!

People are the key to your organization’s success. They are also the reasons for failure. Learn how the right kind of accountability and tools can solidify change, help you meet targets, and reduce people related defective performance, not in some marginal way, but dramatically.


The key to your success is to provide products and services that give you a distinctive competitive advantage. We have established product development processes and practices for large and small organizations, and have managed the flagship products.  We can help you to identify ideas to improve or develop new products or services, conduct research, and develop and implement your plans.


Typically the biggest opportunities for profit improvement are in operations.  To find these opportunities, we start by examining each products/services and their operations. Together we assess the flow, lay-out, costs, cycle time, productivity, efficiency, quality, and capacity of the operations. We determine where to eliminate waste – e.g., unneeded movement, waiting, overproduction, defects, inventory, and extra processing. Often we identify the biggest operational constraints or bottlenecks and start our efforts there.  (See examples of operation improvement focus areas.)


One of the big questions we ask is what unique or competitive advantage does YOUR company have compared to its competition? And, how is this communicated to the target customers?

We find that most companies use marketing content that is filled with meaningless words (e.g., best, superior, quality). These words have minimal impact in a purchasing decision because they are used by everyone. A key to your success is to create an offer that convinces prospects to purchase.  One key to doing this is to define what the market really wants BUT what your competitors can’t or won’t do. To discover this, you can learn what customers hate about your competitors (e.g., don’t deliver on time, too much reword, poor expertise, often not on-budget)?  The you can create your offerings and marketing in a way that best addresses these concerns.

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