Expert at leading reinventions, strategy, product development,  operations improvement, cost improvement, and change for large organizations.

Run companies, and direct report to talented CEOs.  Led 300 profitable, concurrent projects, 105 consultants, and 400 staff producing:

    • $781M  - Operations improvement savings
    • $Multi-Billion - Reinvention results
    • $170M  - New product annual revenue

Reinventions and Turnarounds

    • Led enterprise reinvention resulting in multi-billion-dollars in improvements by overhauling strategy, products and services, operations, technologies, structures, and leadership practices.
    • Managed corporate teams key to transforming business from net income loss of $109M to $28M in profits. Exited non-core businesses, reduced SG&A costs ($40), lowered COGS and capital expenditures ($16M), developed and launched new offerings.

Operations and Profit Improvement

    • Led operational project teams in achieving $781M in systemic improvements.
    • Overhauled product development practices and led product development teams generating $170M in revenue.

Strategy AND Execution

    • Developed and executed turnaround strategies resulting in $562M in operational and revenue improvements.
    • Increased customer numbers by approximately 450% through revamping strategies, target markets, products/ services, and operations.
    • Realigned strategy improving efficiency by an estimated 76%.


    • M.S. Management Science, Johns Hopkins University
    • B.A. Korean and Political Science, Brigham Young University.


Executive Leadership Business/Financial Analysis Strategic Analysis & Planning
Organizational Development Resources Management Turnaround Management
Corporate Reengineering Process Reengineering Lean Six Sigma
Theory of Constraints Quality Management Product Development
Systems Development Agile Scrum Measurement & Analysis