About Breakthrough Practices, LLC.

We believe deeply in the potential of people and organizations.  We have been leading major improvement initiatives for over 25 years.  We have an intimate, hands-on experience working with hundreds of teams and organizations that generated several hundreds of millions in results.   Even so, we have found that the most dramatic improvements occur when an organization goes through a reinvention.   A reinvention isn't just a strategy, a turnaround or a redesign.  It is much more than that.  It involves designing and engineering every critical component of the organization so that it delivers optimized performance.

The leaders and teams we partnered with to reinvent and strengthen their organizations substantively improved mission outcomesstrengthened their cultures, and generated several billion dollars in results.  When you work with leaders and teams who deeply care, are purpose-driven, and want to see the organization and their people reach their fullest potential, it is remarkable what can be accomplished.  We use a comprehensive approach that involves leveraging, based on needs, the best of numerous analysis, research, problem-solving, improvement, and planning methodologies and tools. Together we create an experience that creates tremendous synergy and teamwork, and teaches participants powerful skills.  The experience becomes a strong foundation that organizations continue to build upon to grow and thrive.