Breakthrough Practices, LLC.

Referred to as “the SWISS WATCH builders of high performance.”

We help you to develop a compelling strategy, lead redesigns and turnarounds, reduce unneeded costs, and optimize your operational, projects, and product development performance.

We have led company redesigns resulting in $1.2B in improvements by revamping strategies, target markets, products and services, operations, technologies, structures, roles, and people practices. Our efforts have produced:

  • $528M      Operations improvement savings
  • $562M      Strategy, execution, and project results
  • $1.2B         Redesign results

We believe the key to sustained leadership success is to focus on results improvement AND employee engagement.  You optimize success when your people are teamed up with you to optimize business results.  We help you to accomplish this.

Most improvement and turnaround specialists are high on ego and intimidation. We set ego aside and focus on results and partnerships. We believe in old fashioned values like trust, kindness, collaboration and hard work. True friends challenge the status quo and work together to create a bright future.

Our clients and consultants have won a number of awards for our work. These include:

      • USA Today Quality Cup Award
      • U.S. Senate Quality and Productivity Award
      • White House Reinvention Award
      • Association for Strategic Planning 2015 Outstanding Member Award
      • 2015 Winner: Business and Leadership Transformation Specialists - UK (Corporate Livewire Global Awards)
      • 2015 Winner: Transition Coaching Consultant of the Year (M&A Today Global)
      • 2015 & 2014 Winner: UK Transition Coaching Consultant of the Year (ACQ5 Global Awards)
      • 2014 Winner: Transition Coaching Consultant of the Year (Corporate INTL Magazine Global Award)
      • 2013 Finalist: CIPD People Management Award
      • 2013 Finalist: HR Distinction Award in Adding Value category
      • Winners of Outstanding Organization of the Year (SME) (CMI National Management & Leadership Awards)

We have an enviable record of helping organizations improve profitabiliy, employee engagement, and leadership effectiveness with an impressive return on investment. Why not contact us to hear a worthwhile, unbiased, and objective outside perspective? David Willden

Please call us to discuss how we can partner with you to improve profits and to create a passionate workplace. Our phone number is 1-801-201-8463.


Creating strengths-based, high-performing organizations.

Expert at leading operations improvement, turnarounds, cost improvement, strategy, execution, PMOs, and product development for large (30,000 staff) and smaller organizations (60 personnel). Led company redesigns resulting in $1.2B improvements by revamping strategies, target markets, products and services, operations, technologies, structures, projects, roles, and people practices. Direct report to CEOs (COO, VP, Director). Managed teams to publish best-selling books ($3M). Led 300 profitable, concurrent projects,105 consultants, and 400 staff producing:

      • $528M      Operations improvement savings
      • $562M      Strategy, execution, and project results
      • $1.2B         Redesign results


      • Led enterprise redesign resulting in $1.2B in improvements by overhauling strategy, products and services, operations, technologies, structures, and leadership practices.
      • Managed corporate teams key to transforming business from net income loss of $109M to $28M in profits. Exited non-core businesses, reduced SG&A costs ($40), lowered COGS and capital expenditures ($16M), developed and launched new offerings.


      • Led operational project teams in achieving $528M in systemic improvements.
      • Overhauled product development practices and led product development teams generating $34M in revenue.
      • Generated $13M in consulting revenue and $3M in book royalties.

Strategy AND Execution

      • Developed and executed turnaround strategies resulting in $562M in operational and revenue improvements.
      • Increased customer numbers by approximately 450% through revamping strategies, target markets, products/ services, and operations.
      • Realigned strategy improving efficiency by an estimated 34%.


Board and CEO Mentor


  • Twenty-two plus years of successfully working Senior Leaders to strengthen the Growth mind set, spot/secure opportunities, reinvent themselves, and remove barriers.
  • CEO, Rialto, based in London.rialtonew
  • Award-winning Growth and Transformation specialist, trusted board mentor.
  • Described as one of the best connectors, innovators & opportunity catalysts for Executives operating in today’s environment.
  • Business and leadership transformation expert.
  • Develops people and engagement and injects fuel for growth.
  • London Business School - Entrepreneur
  • Who’s Who - Professional of the Year for demonstrated leadership and contribution. within the global consulting field.
  • 2015 Winner: Business and Leadership Transformation Specialists - UK.
  •  2015 Winner: Transition Coaching Consultant of the Year
  • 2015 & 2014 Winner: UK Transition Coaching Consultant of the Year.
  • 2014 Winner: Transition Coaching Consultant of the Year.
  • 2013 Finalist: CIPD People Management Award.CIPD-Purple-logo-wp_100mm_RGB
  • 2013 Finalist: HR Distinction Award in Adding Value category.
  • Winners of Outstanding Organisation of the Year (SME).


Technology and Projects Leader


  • Sustainable turnarounds through People,
    Process and Technology.
  • Leverage technology to experience productivity
  • President, BPM Advisors, LLC.
  • Director, JD Power and Associates. jd-power-and-associates-logo
  • Engineering Management, NASA Jet Propulson Laboratory.
  • National Board Member of The Association
    for Strategic Planning.
  • Adjunct and Visiting Professor, University
    of Redlands, El Caminno College. NASA
  • PHD Candidate - Case Western Reserve
  • MBA - Claremont Graduate University
  • MSEE - Capitol College
  • BSCN - Regis
  • BSEE - California State Polytechnic University.
  • Magna Cum Laude Graduate


Chris has extensive retail experience having held senior director and CEO positions for large scale businesses in Asia and the UK. He has led a number of business turnarounds, and transformations including complex acquisitions and business integration changes. Throughout his career he has developed diverse and strong leadership teams, and now focusses his skills, experience and know how in providing advice and consulting services
to senior leaders and CEO’s.


Stuart spent the first decade of his career in UK Plc delivering improvement projects in productivity, procurement, new product development, revenue growth, quality, design, and customer service.

Stuart has delivered complex, large-scale change programmes across multi-site clients in Europe and the USA,. He has delivered a number of £multi-million improvement programmes, generating significant cost benefits and revenue growth for blue-chip companies such as Sainsbury’s, IKEA, Bristol Myers Squibb, Fortune Brands, Mölnlycke, GlaxoSmithKline, ASDA, and M&S.


With a commercial background gained in the finance sector, Tricia has run large businesses in retail and corporate finance. Latterly, her blue-chip career focused on performance coaching at senior levels. She has since coached directors and senior managers from numerous industry backgrounds in both the private, public, and third sectors.


Professor Hlupic is a respected leadership and management consultant and has advised major international organisations including the House of Commons, GlaxoSmithKline, BP, Learndirect, Brand Velocity USA, the Drucker Institute USA, Croatian Government, and the Hungarian National Bank. She is an international award-winning thought leader, and an author of a ground-breaking book ‘The Management Shift - How to Harness the Power of People and Transform Your Organization for Sustainable Success’ (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014), listed by Forbes as one of the top eight business books in 2014.


Ray has over 20 years of international business experience working with large multinational organisations. He was CFO of Global IT Solutions at Electrolux and held several international Finance Director posts with Diageo Plc.
Ray’s coaching experience over the last 10 years covers a broad range of clients from FTSE companies through privately owned organisations to NGO’s, in the UK, Europe, India, North Africa, Central Africa, and the Middle East. This includes organisations such as Marks and Spencer, HSBC, Virgin and NGOs such as the Aga Khan Foundation and Women’s World Bank Network. sations such as Marks and Spencer, HSBC, Virgin and NGO


Chris Roebuck is a Senior Director at Rialto. He is a Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership at Cass Business School in London. He has held senior roles at London Underground, UBS, HSBC, and KPMG, has served in the British Army, and is one of the top 15 Human Resources (HR) thinkers in Europe.

Chris he has been on the HR Most Influential Thinkers list annually since 2010, been interviewed over 200 times on TV, and quoted in many global publications on leadership issues.


A chartered clinical psychologist and PHD scholar, John has been assessing and coaching c-suite executives and their teams in leading organisations for 24 years. Assignments have taken him to 20 countries around the world working in the areas of leadership development, managing stakeholder relationships, the management of power, organisational politics, influence, and personal impact.

He has a reputation for considered judgement, insight, and rigour when it comes to assessing individuals and teams, pragmatism when it comes to coaching and development.