Operational improvements are generally halted, deterred, or slowed down by conflicting agendas, politics, and the fear of change. We help you to quickly set all this aside and focus on what the business needs to do to improve its profits.

We typically find that the biggest opportunities for profit improvement are in operations. To uncover these opportunities, we start by examining each product/service and their operations. We review the flow, lay-out, costs, cycle time, productivity, efficiency, quality, and capacity of the operations.  We determine where and how to eliminate waste – e.g., unneeded movement, waiting, overproduction, defects, inventory, and extra processing. Below are examples of operational areas where we have improved profits:

Around 60% of Lean, Six-Sigma, TOC, and other continuous improvements fail.  It isn't because the ideas are bad.  Unless you put in the right positive accountability mechanisms - the improvement won't hold.  

We introduce you to a simple but power accountability approach and tools that help you meet targets, reduce people related defective performance, and solidify needed changes - and not in some marginal way but dramatically.

Please call us to discuss how we can partner with you to improve profits and to create a passionate workplace. Our phone number is 1-801-796-2176.