We help business owners and executives to define a bright future for themselves and their organizations.  We work together with leaders and their people to implement the vision, and to improve financials, product, operations, sales, and the culture.

We have led improvement initiatives, start-ups, turnarounds and provided leadership to project teams that generated $500+ million in bottom-line results. We are different from most consultants that come in with huge egos, charge a fortune, and cripple the culture.

We establish close partnerships and focus on building your PEOPLE and BUSINESS RESULTS.

We have partnered with clients from a broad range of industries. Our clients and consultants have top awards in the US and Europe. Contact us to learn how we can partner with you to create a more profitable and passionate workplace.


Over 60% of Lean, Six Sigma, TOC, and other continuous improvement initiatives fail.  Over 70% of new strategies, products and change initiatives fail.  The solution to most of these issues are people related.

Albert Einstein said that, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again & expecting different results.”

Over 99.99% of all organizations are missing huge opportunities to improve productivity, reduce waste, enhance skills, and strengthen management skills.

What if you could turn on a switch, and reduce mistakes, errors, and lack of conformance to critical processes in your organization by 80%?   That is a typical outcome!  We can help to turn this switch on.  Learn how the right kind of accountability tracking and tool has proven consistently to deliver results.   You can solidify change, you can meet targets, and you reduce people related defective performance, and not in some marginal way, but dramatically.

Recent studies from McKinsey’s Harvard Business School and The Institute of Management suggests that traditional models of restructuring do not deliver the promised results and traumatize the workforce.  Other studies bear out that 70% of change initiatives fail.

There are many reasons that restructuring and change initiatives in general fail.  Often organizations fail to focus on what matters most. Often managers and employees receive several conflicting messages and priorities. This makes it a challenge to know what to do at a practical level. Often leaderships’ behavior doesn’t demonstrate real support. They may provide lip service but often really don’t buy-in.  Furthermore, employees and managers often resist change because they honestly don’t see its relevance and how it will benefit them and the organization.

The topic of change has been a top long-standing priority for us.  Our track record is strong because we roll up our sleaves, listen, and use an inclusive approach to managing change that leads to both significant profits AND employee growth and passion


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